Time To Leave

Time To Leave 2.3

More then a orphan file sweeper, this program allows you to fully control all files on your computer

Disk space never seems to be enough. No matter what you do or how you try, files grow on your disk, consuming more and more space each day. And Time To Leave is a perfect solution for this problem.
There are many sweepers, cleaners and evidence eliminators on the market, all of them can clean some garbage, but it never helps. When you have no space on your 60Gb hard drive, one or ten megabytes cannot help you.

The source of the problem is - files that consume space are not junk files. They were valuable before, but not now. For example, you share a 700mb movie file or 30mb graphics picture so your friend or colleague may download it, soon you forget about that file and it will consume its space for months. And probably the only solution may be - to set file expiration immediately, while you remember that.

Time To Leave use this strategy in preserving your disk space. Instead of searching for small temporary files, created by some programs, or simply emptying your recycle bin, TTL acting as file and folder registry, it remembers what file must be erased, or just may be erased if free disk space level falls too low... That's right, TTL knows exactly what files or folders can be cleaned up when you need space too much.

Using intuitive interface and working in context menu of each file and folder, Time To Leave never annoy you with its presence - you see it only when you are going to set file or folder lifetime. Because of it's silent nature and optional Windows NT service, this program perfectly suits not only windows 98 workstations, but also huge Windows Server 2003 - based file or web servers.

You can erase files, move them to recycle bin, erase securely or compress to save more space. Archives may be password protected.

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